About Eva Wilson

Dr. Eva Wilson - Naturopathic Doctor BellinghamA lot of what ails us today can be addressed when we take a look at the foundations of health – adequate rest, hydration, nutrition, movement, social connection – and determine what might be out of balance. I consider myself a naturopathic-sleuth, always digging to get to the bottom of your symptoms. I’ll always meet you where you’re at, focusing on your goals. I see my patients as unique people with individual needs – and I am certainly not the all-knowing doctor with “the answer.” Instead, consider me a co-pilot on your road trip to feeling better.

While I treat a range of common and acute concerns, I take special interest in mental health. We live in an increasingly wild world and it’s to be expected that many people struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and just an overall feeling of overwhelm. I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection and I know that when our mind isn’t working for us, we begin to have physical symptoms as well. Botanical medicine, movement, breathwork, counseling and pharmaceuticals (when necessary) can all play a role in our treatment plan.

I’ve found that tightly woven with our mental health is our self-image. I’ve taken a special interest in the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement and received additional training in helping my patients to overcome body-shame and disordered eating patterns. I cherish the opportunity to work with patients on dismantling some long-held beliefs that their worth is dependent upon how their body looks.

I spent my childhood wandering the woods of New Hampshire. I found comfort in the shade of the maples, hemlock, and white pine, and I felt most at ease when I was barefoot in the wet leaves. I know that we can all find a little more time for nature in our lives, and time in the natural world can be a therapeutic act. When not in the office, you can still find me out in the woods, mountain biking, hiking, or foraging for wild mushrooms.

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