How can ginger help me through the winter?

How can ginger help me through the winter?

Ginger for Winter Survival

Got cold hands and feet? Fighting off a cold? Or feeling sluggish from heavy winter foods? Winter is the perfect time to explore ginger, and warming ginger recipes abound.

The Amazing Power of Ginger

Ginger increases circulation, helping your extremities get the blood they need to stay warm through the winter chill.  It’s a diaphoretic, so it can help you sweat off those cold and flu germs – it’s even safe to use during a fever to support your body’s temperature mechanisms of killing bugs.  It’s additionally an amazing antimicrobial.

Ginger is also great for digestive issues, between relieving gas and speeding up a slow digestive system.  It can help increase your body’s natural digestive enzymes to break down food properly.  It also brings a cozy warm feeling to your tummy!

3 Quick Ways to Enjoy Ginger

For homemade ginger tea, try boiling 4 thin slices of fresh ginger in 1 cup water for 10 minutes. Additionally, you can add honey to taste, and some lemon or lime juice for a refreshing taste and additional digestive benefits. Or bake apples and pears with fresh chopped ginger and cinnamon for a delicious, healthy winter treat!

* Because ginger can decrease platelet aggregation necessary for blood clotting, check with your doctor before using ginger regularly if you are on blood thinners or have other blood clotting concerns.

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