Care for the Highly Sensitive Person

Do you identify as a highly sensitive person and want a doctor who understands and believes in you?

Care for the Highly Sensitive PersonWould you like help managing overwhelm or learning how to turn your sensitivity in to a superpower? Do you want help tying sensitivity to your physical health and living optimally with both?

Not sure if you’re highly sensitive, but do you often:

  • Feel overwhelmed, anxious, tense?
  • Experience brain fog?
  • React strongly to medications, foods, noises, smells, chemicals, emotions, people?
  • Feel sensitive to pain?
  • Have difficulty functioning well when there’s a lot going on around you?
  • Find yourself withdrawing during busy, emotional or social times?

I understand these can range from feeling uncomfortable to feeling disruptive to terrifying. You’re told it’s “all in your head” or “toughen up and keep going.” You may have been given medications with no reassurance or promise for a life without prescriptions. Or reacted so strongly to those medications you couldn’t continue them.

Though Highly Sensitive Persons can experience any symptom or disease, often times they experience:

  • Digestive issues
  • Food sensitivities
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Chronic pain or muscle tension
  • Musculoskeletal concerns
  • Autoimmune conditions

As a highly sensitive person who has experienced challenges going through the health care system, it is my mission to create a safe, healing environment for all my patients, though especially HSPs. I can help you learn more about your sensitivity and how to live optimally as an HSP in an overstimulating world. I can also help you take control of your physical health and connect that to your sensitivity.

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