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Naomi Soulard Reiki

My journey with Reiki started in February of 2019, however my journey towards self-healing started much earlier.

Like many of us in our fast-paced society, I struggled with anxiety and insecurity.  I moved back to the US in 2007 after living abroad for 6 years and struggled to find work, or even to know what direction I wanted to go with my life.

Eventually I did find permanent employment with a large corporation, made new friends, bought a house, got married, and settled into typical day-to-day life.  While I felt that I had the stability that we all strive for, I continued to struggle with anxiety and insecurity.  These feelings, in addition to the added stresses of day to day life, began to take a toll on everything around me; my relationships, my health, my energy.

Like many of us, I kept looking to others to change how I was feeling or to help me feel more secure in my life, but nothing made any lasting impact.

Fast forward to October 2019 and our dreams of moving to the Pacific Northwest became a reality.  A few months later I was called to leave my corporate job, so that I could explore a career that was more in alignment with my passion for helping others transform their lives.  I’ve always felt the most fulfilled when I’ve been helping others, and the time I’ve spent providing Reiki healing to my friends and family has only reinforced this calling.  None of us can know what life has in store for us, however I am excited to help others find  peace and balance in their life.

So what is this all about?

The word Reiki is of Japanese origin and is the combination of the words Rei “universal life” and Ki “energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion, but is based on the understanding that this universal life energy flows through all living things. Connecting with this energy allows people to strengthen the flow of energy within themselves and help facilitate healing this flow of energy in others. We all know from experience that when we have good energy levels we are able to get more done, are more resilient, and better able to navigate the ups and downs of life.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things in our modern lives that can direct that energy away from us, leaving people feeling drained, stressed, and anxious.  During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels Reiki energy to the client, providing the additional energy needed to provide immediate stress relief and relaxation.  This infusion of energy can also help strengthen the overall flow of energy in the client by helping to shift energy blocks and imbalances, often caused by emotional wounds or past trauma.  No matter your goals, Reiki is going to support you in whatever healing you need.


During our initial session, we will take some time at the beginning talk about yourself and your goals for the session.  We will review any specific areas of pain or discomfort that you would like to focus on, and there will be time to ask any questions you might have.  For in-person sessions you will lie on a massage table, or stay seated in a chair (unlike massage there is no need to remove any items of clothing, other than your shoes).  I will then channel the Reiki energy where it is needed, sometimes through light touch (typically on the head and shoulders), but mostly by hovering my hands a few inches over the body .  At the conclusion of the session, we will take a few minutes to talk about anything that came up during the session, and to go over what to expect in the days following.

For virtual sessions we will connect via phone or Zoom for our initial discussions.  I will then do a quick guided meditation to bring you into a relaxed, receptive state prior to starting the treatment.  I will then channel the Reiki energy to you, while you maintain a relaxed position in a quiet location of your choice.  Once the session is complete, we will reconnect to debrief and discuss next steps.

Regardless of the type of session, I am available to my clients for any support they need on their healing journey.  If something is outside my area of expertise, I will refer you to another professional who can help.  You are not alone!

For scheduling, click here or contact Naomi at (603) 289-8322 or info@naomisoulard.com

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