Naturopathic Care:

Bellingham Naturopathic CareNaturopathic medicine utilizes diet, lifestyle and other natural tools in helping to get you well. It has a unique philosophy of healing, which makes its approach to your health different from many other providers.

I believe that body, mind and spirit are connected. Even if you’re coming to see me for one main complaint, I like to know about your other symptoms and what makes you tick, so I can connect how everything fits together and look for the underlying cause. That’s why our appointment times are longer than most other doctors, so we have time to cover more of what you’d like to work on. This also gives you more space to share your story, as much of it as you’d like me to know.

I can help you manage your condition naturally, reduce or come off medications, have more energy, sleep better, be able to play with your (grand)kids more, be more active, focus better, be more productive, feel less pain.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy:

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a relaxing treatment that helps to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. It utilizes hot and cold towels applied to the skin with a gentle electrical sine wave. The temperature contrast works to increase circulation of blood and lymphatic flow, while the sine wave (so gentle it only feels like tingling on the skin) stimulates cellular release of waste and increased absorption of nutrients. It’s called “constitutional” hydrotherapy because the goal is to change the “constitution” or make-up of the cells, thereby improving your overall health. 

Benefits include: Increased relaxation, strengthened immune system through increased white blood cell counts, decreased inflammation, detoxification, improved sleep, increased energy, improved digestion & decreased bloating, decreased muscle and joint aches and pains, Clearer skin.

A treatment lasts about 60 minutes. You can spend the treatment laying peacefully on a massage table in one of our two themed rooms: the plant room or the salt room.

Craniosacral & Visceral Therapy

Gentle body work designed to rebalance the body through releasing deep tensions stored in the tissue covering muscles, organs and bones. “Craniosacral” refers to working on tension in the head (cranium), lower back (sacrum) and all of the spinal cord and nervous system in between. “Visceral” refers to a non-invasive technique to reach the internal organs, releasing tension in the tissue surrounding them for optimal organ function.

Both are great for relaxation and stress relief, improving overall health, increasing circulation, improving digestion and sleep and decreasing pain and anxiety. A session typically lasts 45 minutes. Most of that time you will be lying face up on a massage table. For visceral work, we may choose a few other comfortable positions to allow gentle access to the tissue around certain organs.

HSP Support Group & Workshops:

Bellingham-area HSP Support Group. A free monthly meet-up for Bellingham-area highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Designed to be a space for HSPs to gather, develop community, grow your HSP awareness and learn tools to help thrive in our overstimulating world. All who consider themselves sensitive are welcome, whether you’re new to understanding sensitivity or have been learning about it for years. Bring a journal if you like, and paper will be provided for reflection time.

Hosted by Dr. Julia Hipp, ND & HSP at Achillea Natural Medicine, 519 E. Magnolia Street. No RSVP required. For more information, email To learn more about the high sensitivity trait, visit

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